onsdag 24 september 2008


Koto Bolofo is a brilliant photographer.

Though, i couldn't help but notice one thing;
Richard Avedon's version, the original
Koto Bolofo's version

Inspiration or copying? A bit too much inspiration according to me.
/ IT!


Ladies and Gents, let us introduce ITUPs, the new it-blog (and yes, we are very self-righteous).

It's a blog without any strict guidelines, because we do what comes to our mind, but our key word is POWAH! You'll come to notice that we like writing certain words in upper-case. Another thing we like is making press items. Press item is a funny word. Or actually, it's two words.

Nevertheless, we're two somebodies from Sweden who felt like an it-blog was missing, so we made one up. Made IT UP! We can't really tell you what this blog will be offering in the nearest future, mainly because we don't even know that ourselves, but it will surely be based on our interests. What are our interests, you ask? Well, son, the up-coming posts will give you a hint.

Most of the time, we'll be writing as individuals, and not together. To make it easier for you to tell us apart, one of us is IT and the other one's UP - simple as that.

Remember, we ain't your average blogers. Keep your eyes open, because we will POWER IT UP!

Yours Sincerely - IT and UP