onsdag 1 oktober 2008


Sitting here, eating my Fair Trade müsli that comes in a carton bag made for recycling, I come to think of a site I found last winter. It contained pictures of the famous people supporting a Fair Trade campaign held by Oxfam maybe three or four years ago.

Don't your dimples appear when two of the things you love are combined in a successful way? Or, even better, THREE of them:
- fighting for Fair Trade,
- artistic, estethic and amusing photographs
- and celebrities getting things dumped at them!

Out of respect for the photographers I won't put up any pictures here, but I will gladly link you to this site. Haven't you always wanted to see Thom Yorke all smeared in chocolate, or Chris Martin buried in rice? Or how's about Damon Albarn soaked in tomatoes?

Don't forget to check out the sharp quotes and comments from the celebrities about the importance of fair trading / UP!

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